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Laughing myself silly

This week marked my very first purchase of downloaded sound rather than a hard copy of some kind. Not music, though ... this was indulgence in the first two series of Cabin Pressure. It's been making me giggle so much that I just had to have it available to listen to on demand ... after all it stars Stephanie Cole! If you've watched the TV series "Waiting for God", you know her as Diana Trent ... now just imagine Diana running an airline and you've got some idea of what the show is like. Throw in a pilot who just HAS to be an ancestor of Arnold Rimmer, a co-pilot so suave and confident he makes 007 look like Woody Allen, and a steward who redefines ditz and you've got the entire staff of MJN Air ... yes it's a very small airline. MJN stands for "My Jet Now!" states Cole's character, who got it as part of a divorce settlement, when she once again turns down her ex's attempts to buy it back.

Excellent and hilarious stories, fabulous characters, great actors. Dangerous computer work listening though ... been laughing so much, I've been making typos all over the place. ;p

Also love the games the pilots play to entertain themselves during flights ... since I have a brother-in-law who's a commercial pilot, I know this is the kind of thing that really goes on in the cockpit (along with trading recipes and crossword competitions ... I've been informed that a slightly bumpy landing can be either weather or somebody who was trying to get one last clue scribbled down before he/she had to take control).

For your next long trip, some of the cockpit games:

  • Books that sound better if you take the last letter off the title (e.g. "Of Mice and Me")

  • Brians of Britain

  • People who aren't evil but have evil-sounding names

  • Passenger Derby (played by deliberately neglecting to turn off the seatbelt sign until the steward has taken the drinks trolley 'round a couple of times, then betting on which passenger will get to the bathroom first)

P.S. For the curious, I purchased from AudioGO, who stock a wide range of BBC Radio programs and BBC audiobooks ... I'll definitely be shopping here again. :-)
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