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Book reissue SQUEEE!!!

I've had an ancient, several-times-reread copy of Caroline Mytinger's Headhunting in the Solomon Islands around the Coral Sea in my library for quite a long time ... one of those happy secondhand finds that I've treasured from first reading. However I've never been able to put my hands on a copy of her second volume of travel memoirs ... until I discovered, just now, that a fairly new small press (love how these are springing up all over!) has reprinted it! Soon I'll be able to read Mytinger's continuing adventures during her Papua New Guinea Headhunt ... hurrah!

P.S. You can view some of the portaits Mytinger painted on her travels here.

P.P.S. And another goody on my reading front ... my copy of Brian Fagan's The First North Americans arrived today.
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