JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Seeing in colours?

A little something that's occurred to me from time to time over several years ... every time I hear somebody calling purple blue, turquoise aqua, or aqua jade, when I've read about colourblindness and achromatism, and, especially lately, as I've "argued" with a digital camera about photographing purple (which frequently comes out far too blue-tinged, even though the other colours in the frame are spot on). Humans see in colour, across a known spectrum, we know how the eye does it, how the brain processes it, but do we all perceive the same colours? After all, we have no way of really knowing ... every scientist and expert only has the evidence of their own eyes. Maybe those folk who I've always assumed just don't know their colour names are seeing a different tint than I am. My orange-red is their true red, my olive green is their moss green. Is this why combinations that seem harmonious to some are horrendous clash to others?

How interesting it would be to truly get into somebody else's head and see through their eyes, just to find out if they're seeing the same rainbow that I am ...

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