JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

It's safe to go outside again!

And breathing is no longer a high-risk activity. Of course now we've got the fast-melting snow flowing all over and freezing on the sidewalks instead ... ;p

Hiked over to the local fabric store this morning, because ancient store-bought winter nightshirts are disintegrating and I'd like to make the replacements instead of buying 'em ... when you've got a favourite comfy pattern why risk second best? Place was utterly packed due to massive sale. Guess I should have listened to the entire message on my answering machine earlier this week instead of erasing it as soon as it said "Fabricland". Ah well, survived the crowds and line-ups ... pickings were pretty slim as far as cotton knits were concerned, but did snag enough purple (an almost perfect match to those purple socks I finished recently) 100% cotton doubleknit for one nightshirt. Ominous that nearly all the other cotton knits had at least 5% spandex in them ... that horrible "formfitting t-shirt" trend that began in the clothing stores a couple of years ago is obviously infesting sewing supplies as well (I say horrible because, as far as I'm concerned, the whole point of a cotton t-shirt is that it's cool and breathes in hot weather; I find that the formfitting ones, which are suddenly all that's available in women's wear here, are like wearing a snug knitted plastic bag ... 3-5% lycra or spandex totally kills the breathability of the cotton)

Will have to give them a couple of weeks to start getting spring stock in and then go back ... hopefully there'll be some synthetic-free options. If not, since that chain of fabric stores pretty much monopolizes this city, I'll have to do some serious hunting for Canadian online fabric suppliers ... what I've come across so far tend to specialize in either quilting or luxuty fabrics.

Also picked up a few knick-knacks, both there and at the sewing machine/quilt fabric store across the street (which has a FAR better selection of tools, but doesn't, unfortunately, sell knits) ... gridded pattern tissue, new blade for rotary cutter, a second tape measure (because mine is always in a different room and, great realization here, just 'cause there's only one of me doesn't mean I can only have one tape measure), and a new tracing wheel. Now all I have to do is shovel stuff off the table so there's room to lay out and cut. ;p

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