JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Seemingly trivial pursuit ...

I bought extension cords today! No, my life isn't so dull that a mundane purchase is a thrill, but finding these actually was ... sometimes it's the strangest little things that really make your day.

Those of you with lots of books (in other words, just about every one of my friends) will understand what it means to have to choose between where you put bookcases and having access to electrical outlets. Extension cords should be the solution, but the plugs, even the so-called flatheaded ones stick out and keep the bookcase from being flush against the wall, which means it can wobble and things can get behind it and, well, it's just wrong. Many many years ago I came across the ultimate flathead plug ... a mere 6mm thick!!! (that's a quarter of an inch for the south o' the border folk). And I only bought two, because that's all I needed at the time, and then, when I decided I could use more, I couldn't find 'em anywhere!!! Last year I got kinda determined and spent quite a bit of time on the ol' Google and eventually tracked them down, so at least I had a manufacturer's name and established that they were, indeed, still being made (not being sold online by anyone in this country, but at least allegedly available). Not only that ... they were a Canadian design and product! But did any hardware/tool/electrical/department store here carry the things? Nope! Loads of other so-called flats/slims that were all much thicker than these elegant little gems (and they truly are elegant-looking as well as practical ... octagonal head with a flip-up goldtone metal handle for pulling them out of outlets). But today, I strolled down the street to the neighbourhood Rona, which had disappointed me in last year's hunt, on a mission to buy something else, and decided to wander through the electrical department, just on the offchance ... and they were there!!!

I bought FOUR of the suckers today, 'cause I'm not taking ANY chances on this being some sort of weird extension cord version of Brigadoon (or, possibly, Brigadoom). I might even go back and buy more, just 'cause having 'em totally changes what options I have for rearranging furniture/bookcases in this place.

And so, in case any of you have a need to solve a tricky bookcase versus outlet situation, here is what a truly flatheaded extension cord looks like (this is the U.S. packaging, BTW, which I figure is more useful to most of my buddies ... and yes, they're available in several different cord lengths)

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