JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Something different, partie deux

After scaring myself off my sari silk project on Monday (hey, musty gunk from the silk could have been the cause of my ills), I needed something else, preferably non-intelligence-requiring, to occupy my hands in the five minute intervals between gulping down glasses of water or juice to soothe my dust-dry throat. Since pretty much all the other stuff-in-progress requires row counting/tracking, chart-following, etc. (even the one pair of plain socks is at the stage of pre-heel shaping, so isn't just 'round and 'round at the moment), I started a relatively brainless item that was on the to-do list. The ABABA scarf is easy-peasy, with the only mind-taxing requirement being counting up to 25 when it looks like I'm halfway through a row, since knitting/purling the middle two stitches together is what creates the arrowhead shapes. Top photo is one side, bottom photo is the other ... reversible is really the only sensible stitch for a scarf ...

Another scarf is never a bad idea, especially since the chinook is over. We were under heavy snowfall alert yesterday, though it didn't start until I was supply shopping on my way home from work instead of in the early afternoon as predicted. The white stuff has been falling steadily all last evening and night, is still coming down now, and is supposed to continue for a while ...

At least it's not horribly cold outside. Yet.
Tags: knitting

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