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A Long Weekend ...

... and a chance to catch up on my sleep (Monday is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and therefore a holiday). Did some roving around Calgary today (I'm getting more and more oriented in this city, where sometimes there's just no way to get from point A to point B) and came home with some treasures. A new book from Toronto's Insomniac Press, titled "The Lover's Tongue." Yes, I see all of you smirking and your guess is wrong ... the subtitle is "A Merry Romp Through the Language of Love and Sex." Yep, a study of the etymology of sexual terminology ... the origins of the words we use. Learning CAN be fun if you pick the appropriate topics ;-)

Other treasure ... season one of "The Vicar of Dibley", starring Dawn French, on DVD ... a most delightful series, directed by Dewi Humphreys (who also directed "Neverwhere"). Hadn't seen the Vicar for awhile and was surprised to recognize Neverwhere's Angel Islington playing a television director (of a Sunday worship program ... how appropriate for an actor who went on to play the insane angel who sank Atlantis ... LOL). Seasons two and three were also available at A&B, so I'll have to go back for them as finances allow. The container for the season two disc says it also includes the specials ... now I happen to know that a certain Johnny Depp guest starred on one of the Vicar specials ***hands drool buckets to Semmie and Gigi***, so we'll just have to see if THAT one is included.

Now ... decisions, decisions. Do I read and enhance my vocabulary or do I watch the delightful Dawn French? Perhaps both?

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