JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

I may have to consider succumbing ...

I've been able to resist the whole interchangeable knitting needles thing until just now.

For the uninitiated, regular circular knitting needles consist of a flexible cord with a needle permafastened to each end ... useful both for knitting in the round (hats, seamless sweaters, etc.) and for knitting most flat pattern pieces and large items like afghans (unlike straight needles, working with circs puts the weight in your lap instead of on your wrists/hands). Circs come in an assortment of cord lengths and needle sizes, so you can have the length and stitch size you need. Interchangeables are the next generation ... instead of buying many separate circulars in different sizes and lengths, you buy a set of multiple sizes of needle tips and multi-lengths of cords and can then assemble the pieces to create the custom tool you need at the moment. So far my immunity has been thanks to hearing too many tales of cords and needles suddenly parting ways and wrecking projects, stiff cords (have needed to be thicker than in 1-piece circs to survive the manipulations of joining/unjoining), bulky join zones that snag yarns, tightening/locking keys that break, soft screws that strip easily and render the whole thing useless, many companies not selling separate parts (a pain when knitter needs an extra of a particular size), etc., etc.

But now ... just now ... I've discovered that Darn Pretty Needles have just announced that they now have interchangeables! This is a company famed for the very high quality of their products ... as in worth every penny and more of what they cost (compared to most other needles, they DO cost ... much more than even the not-cheap, Porsche-equivalent Addi Turbos I prefer to buy). And, from the product description, they've learned from and avoided every flaw that their competitors suffer from, in both construction and parts availability!

Plus there's the fact that they really ARE Darn Pretty Needles. Absolutely gorgeous. And I've still got this uncashed Christmas bonus cheque sitting on my desk ...
Tags: knitting

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