JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Knitting progress

Finished T.'s second pair of fingerless mittens last night ... longer cuff and finger sections than the green pair and just in time for the predicted local temperature plummet which was supposed to happen on Wednesday, but finally kicked in this morning. Delivered to and modeled by recipient this morning (I photographed the previous green version on my own hand, which is bigger than hers, so was straining the stitches. Definitely noticeably colder increments between going to her place, then across street to grocery store, and coming back home this morning. Supposed to continue to get steadily colder this afternoon and all day tomorrow (with wind chills to match). Torn between starting to turn Thursday-acquired (and finally photographed) ball of black & gray Zauberball Stärke 6 into cozy gansey socks or finishing black and brown, 100% wool Arctic scarf (which has been neglected since last winter ... if I recall correctly it's only got 30-40 cm to go) which is designed to multiple-wrap as both hood and neck protection. (Yeah, I know I've got that red hooded scarf on the needles too but it has braided cables, needs stitch counting for shaping and then grafting the top of the hood together in pattern ... all very slow work)

P.S. Techie knitting details of mittens is here
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