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A Grand Day Out ...

Since the predicted temperature plummet didn't happen today after all (it was +5C when I ventured out this morning), I hopped the c-train way up to Dalhousie Station and visited the furthest-away-from-me yarn shop in the city ... after adding another nine rows yesterday I needed a 100cm long 4mm circular needle as my Citron is on the verge of outgrowing the 80cm cord it's currently on (700+ stitches per row and still growing ... am now on the 10th "ring" of my much larger version). Also scored another ball of Zauberball Stärke 6 in a mixture of black and several shades of gray (this is a thicker version of the Crazy Zauberball I love so much and perfect for heavier socks for our extra-frigid winter days between chinooks)

Stopped off at the comic shop (which I hadn't visited for AGES) on my way back and picked up the latest volume of Modesty Blaise reprints, Sweet Caroline, Proof, book 5: Blue Fairies (illustrated by Riley Rossmo, who works at the shop), and Fables 14: Witches. Also picked up some edibles at the grocery store that shares the building with the comic shop, but that's hardly interesting (coleslaw, celery, and a bottle of dried chives if you're really that bored and desperate to know ***GRIN***)

And, when I got home, I found that Canada Post had slipped my copy of the Franklin Habit 2011 calendar under my door! (an elusive and difficult to acquire item ... ended up ordering mine from Knitty City in New York, NY! because I couldn't find a Canadian dealer who had it)

Have been working further on T.'s fingerless mittens tonight while continuing my 'Allo 'Allo! rewatching marathon and have just reached the end of series 7, which means the end of my current collection of the DVDs ... must get hold of series 8-9 one of these day 'cause I very much want to know who finally ends up with the painting of the Fallen Madonna (don't you DARE spoiler it for me if you happen to know!)

So now have to pick out some different knitting-friendly viewing (lots of dialogue) and then back to the mittens.
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