JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Knitting progress

Still continuing to work on it after this post; just getting the photo while there's somewhat decent light (snowed all day yesterday, still snowing today, so no sun). Afghan is now 47 cm. (18.5 in.) long and I just joined the third ball of yarn so my estimate of around 9" per ball is spot on. For scale (of a sort), the green pillow it's resting on is 60 cm. x 60 cm. (24" x 24").

Was hoping to also get some work on a personal work-related project ... I'm building a Dewey/LC subject heading cross-referencing tool into our database. But somebody must have restarted the server last night without doing the necessary follow-up security tweak on the cataloguing software so I'm blocked from accessing it (emailed IT about it this morning, but no response yet). Yeah, I know I'm a crazed workaholic, but this self-built tool is a little trick that ends up making work ... less work. Ah well, the cataloguing world's loss is the knitting world's gain today. ;p

Tags: knitting

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