JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Succumbed to temptation on Thursday night ...

So far I've been able to resist the Flying Saucers at the yarn shop because the colourways in stock have been blues (blue isn't my favourite colour, so has to be really spectacular for me to wear it, e.g. my Kingfisher socks) or rather muddy looking. But this Thursday there was a vivid pink/purple combo on the shelf and that doomed me. Also picked up another yarn in purplish and blue-green colourways for a planned project that is another step towards learning double knitting (a Geveldak Scarf ... there isn't a decent photo of one of these anywhere online, but you can at least see the hint of geometric shapes within the striping in this one)

At least I remembered to buy T-pins this time ... that's been my reason for visiting the shop the last three times I've been there and I've left with distractingly lovely yarns and no pins each time!

Tags: knitting

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