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Odds and ends

Have survived an entire month in new job (and entire month plus a few days in new city). Still haven't adapted to early mornings (work starts at 7:30 a.m.), but suspect that, after nearly 42 years of not being a morning person, I not likely ever will ***wry grin***. So I'll carry on with yawning, sleeping in until the last possible minute and voting along with the processing crew that I lunch with that siesta time should be part of the job.

I do like working at ULS (and suspect it won't be long before I'm just as besotted with cataloguing there as I was at the college) ... however at the moment am suffering brain-puddingitis and sensory overload from trying to master the preferences and quirks of four different libraries (not to mention making sure I don't do the right thing in the wrong database). One of the three is only temporary ... I'm covering for the regular who is off on a 3-week cruise to celebrate her 25th anniversary (down the west coast, through the Panama Canal and around the Caribbean).

One thing I really love about ULS is the diversity ... LCC was distressingly samish, but up here I'm surrounded by the music of multiple Asian, Latin and European accents. The cataloguing department alone (with its staff of twelve) boasts Polish, Pakistani, Hindi, Chinese, and French. I love it!

On the non-work side of life ... when I came up here to look at apartments in August, I discovered that the neighbourhood boasted a new&used CD/DVD/tape dealer who also advertised a service for converting cassette tapes and LPs to CD. Went in and asked about it a couple of days ago and discovered that the price was quite reasonable ... only $25.00 to convert an LP to CD, including scanning both sides of the cover and reducing the image to make inserts for the CD case (remember that this is Canadian dollars ... a new-release CD can cost $24.95 up here). To somebody with a collection of old BBC comedy albums that aren't likely ever to be released on CD, plus a few other oddities like Marilyn Monroe's Greatest Hits, this is good news. Just had to decide which will be first ... finally decided to start with my original cast album of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" (yes, I know the Zero Mostel original cast version is on CD, but this is the original British cast, with Frankie Howerd in the twin role of Prologus/Pseudalus and Jon Pertwee [Dr. Who #3] as "Lycus, a dealer in courtesans"). Looking very forward to being able to hear "Impossible" (a favourite of mine and NOT in the movie ... give the lyrics a read at http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/afunnythinghappenedonthewaytotheforum/impossible.htm ) and "A Comedy Tonight" again ***grin***. Then ... what next? "The Goon Show"? "The Two Ronnies"? Decisions, decisions ...

On the considerably more boring front, the apartment gets a teensy bit more organized as time goes on. Dug my way to the treadmill and took a 20-minute brisk walk tonight ... now all I gotta do is make myself KEEP doing it ***frowns at self but fails to be frightening*** Mebbe if I could master the technique of reading while walking ... certainly no lack of interesting books to try to read before their due date (#1 hazard of cataloguers everywhere ... TOO MANY good books for any one person to swallow in a lifetime) ... however I suspect I would end up in an emergency room trying to explain just how I ended up as an integral part of the mechanism if I tried a stunt like that ;-)

Can tell I'm getting very silly ... time to take liquified brain back to couch for healing dose of hot chocolate and a further chapter of "Beyond the Coral Sea" ...

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