JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A word about my donation dollars

Dear Charities and Other Benevolent Organizations

When I donate to your cause, I want the maximum amount of my money to go TO that cause. I understand that there are administrative overheads and other costs as well, and I expect a certain percentage to help cover that. However I do NOT appreciate receiving unsolicited glossy newsletters, calendars, and other such products ... instead of making me appreciate the work you do, this kind of behaviour makes me give serious thought to discontinuing my support and finding someone less wasteful to transfer it to. Hint: the mere fact that I donate means I'm already aware of what you do ... killing trees to send me "advertising" is unnecessary. Further hint: if I donate via an online route that means I have access to the Internet and can therefore visit your webpage if I feel the need to update myself on what's going on.

Thank you.


The Person With The Chequebook


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