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It wasn't easy ...

... letting a new Glen Cook Garrett P.I. novel sit untouched for nearly a week, but there are certain books that I know I won't put down until I've finished 'em and the Garrett series falls into that category. Now that it's the weekend, I've spent a chunk of today reading "Gilded Latten Bones" from cover to cover and it didn't disappoint ... the life of TunFaire's first and only private eye is still as strange and upheaveous (okay, I HAD to invent a word for it ... regular English is inadequate when talking about a guy who teams with a genius ratgirl, the telepathic Dead Man, a vegetarian underworld/restaurateur dark elf who makes Casanova look like a dead eunuch, and the Capa) as ever, romance-, domestic- and case-wise. And gets even more so by the end of the book. As usual. Don't want to spoiler since there's a fellow Garrett-fan among my buddies, but I can say that this one's a little different: Garrett unable to do his own street-wandering and investigating/questioning because he's bodyguarding a flat-on-his-back Morley Dotes and Morley having broken his own First Rule (the one about not getting involved with any woman crazier than yourself, though that's not why he needs protection)

All in all, great fun, some nice twists and turns, and I'm already impatient for the next volume (#14!). Which should appear around the end of 2012, based on the time gaps between the last two books. ***grumbles, torn between an appreciation of writers who take the time to turn out decent stuff and wanting it now!***

For those who haven't read the Garrett books, they're well worth seeking out; great fun and very different from any other detective/fantasy combo I've come acrossthing else I've ever come across. (well, to be honest, the only combo of this type I'm familiar with with is Mike Resnick's "Stalking the ..." series, which are also good). I strongly advise starting at the beginning with Sweet Silver Blues (which is back in print!) rather than picking up any old volume at random ... this is one of those series where awareness of the growth (and entanglements) of the characters and the political/social changes going on in the background are an important part of the individual stories.
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