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Just got back from a walk over to Southland (the next c-train station down the line from me ... too nice a day to take the train itself) to visit a branch of my bank's ATM for some cash, followed by stopping in at a grocery store down there to pick up some odds and ends that the closer-to-home one just down the street has decided to no longer carry (like my favourite tea). I haven't been into this particular location of this chain for a long time ... they've reshuffled things a bit and gave me a good chuckle with what is presumably an accidental (though utterly wonderful) arrangement. High up on one wall, under which used to be the pharmacy-related stuff, is a huge sign reading Good Health and Wellbeing (or something similar). Currently shelved right underneath the sign are the books, magazines, greeting cards, and condoms.

If only the chocolate was there too, it'd be perfect! ;-)
Tags: silliness

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