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Yester-sunny-warm-day I had my hair pinned up to help keep me cool, and was running around in shorts and t-shirt. Today it's dark and rainy, the shorts have been traded for warm track pants (and the t-shirt has good odds of being upgraded as well), hair is down for warmth (it's like wearing a warm scarf), windows are all closed, heat has been turned on and I'm giving thanks that I bought hot chocolate yesterday (wanna get a strange look from a grocery checker? Buy hot chocolate, soy milk [for drinking], cow milk [for cooking], and orange juice. And nothing else [well, I did buy a replacement bulb for the bathroom vanity, but that doesn't count] ... could almost SEE her mind trying to figure out what liquid diet THIS was ... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!)

Today is definitely a snuggle-with-hot-choccy-and-be-glad-I-finished-knitting-that-afghan-and-good-thing-I-picked-up-my-hold-books-at-the-library day!!!!! With a large dose of I-hope-it's-not-gonna-snow!!!! stirred in.

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