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Recipe for fun reading

Take one book cover. Stir together equal quantities of Terry Pratchett's sense of humour (and his footnotes), Blackadder II's lush setting and snarkiness, the atmosphere and anachronisms of George Macdonald Fraser's "The Pyrates", and the magic-ruled alternate history setting of Randall Garrett's Lord Darcy mysteries. Mix well, fill up the pages within the cover and you'll have a taste of what Dan Abnett's Triumff is like. Granted, I've only just finished chapter four, but I've been chuckling all the way so far. Been two wonderful swordfight scenes in those chapters too ... rollicking good fun! Especially if the Swiss army sword appeals to your sense of the ludicrous.

And the cover illo is really nice too.

Off to sample the wonders of chapter five now ...

P.S. The Baltimore Consort's The Art of the Bawdy Song is providing the perfect background music to my reading ... hard to think of anything more appropriate. ;-)
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