JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

***happy dancing***

Look what was in my mailbox when I got home tonight!

There are definitely worse ways to spend a week off than ODing on Stephen Fry. ;-)

Edited to add: Okay, "professional" has just been redefined ... while nobody, including the camera crew, saw exactly how Mr. Fry fell and broke (well, smashed, really) his arm in the first episode, the show does include footage of the aftermath when they're trying to figure out how badly and where he was injured. It has to be THE epitome of professionalism for a person to, while in agony and being prodded by a paramedic, repeatedly keep stopping himself from fully pronouncing words that he really shouldn't say on television.

The rest of the episode was great fun and an absolute joy to watch (especially the bits with Stephen Fry bottle-feeding a baby manatee and Mark Carwardine trying to photograph an emerald tree boa while not tipping himself and the rest of the film crew out of a very tiny boat or skewering his eyes on twigs)
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