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More Stephen Fry goodies!

The DVDs of Last Chance to See are now available!

For those who don't know the story of this series: In the late eighties Douglas Adams traveled the world in company with zoologist Mark Carwardine, seeking out endangered animals and recording his impressions (for BBC Radio) of the critters and the conservation efforts in place to preserve them. He and Carwardine also co-wrote a book about the journey, called Last Chance to See. If you haven't read it yet, then you've a rare treat ahead of you. Last fall a new edition of the book came out (written by Carwardine) which chronicled the twentieth-anniversary repeat of the original expedition; Stephen Fry (who was a close friend of Adams) traveled with Carwardine to see how the species from the original series were doing after two decades ... a BBC TV camera crew tagged along and recorded the whole thing for posterity (although they missed capturing Mr. Fry's tumble that resulted in his arm being broken so badly that it now contains a steel plate and multiple screws and inspired a new Fry-written expedition rule: "... it is firmly understood that Stephen never leads, he only follows, and everybody helps him onto boats. Because he's a clumsy arse. That's just got to be understood.").

Needless to say, the DVDs are going onto my "must get" list. :-)
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