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A lovely morning out

Yesterday got up early to catch the ctrain up to Dalhousie Station (north end of northwest quadrant of the city) ... mission was to explore, with a friend, the one yarn store in town I hadn't set foot in yet. And to, hopefully, find someplace to have breakfast together in the vicinity. Happy surprise, the yarn store was much closer to the station than maps made it appear (in fact, no two maps, electronic or paper, showed the station in the same place ... dunno if this was because cartographers weren't sure or just felt the shield-shaped station symbol wasn't aesthetically pleasing in the proper location). Anyhoo, not only was the target a very short stroll away, but practically next door to it was a Euphoria Café, where we had yummy giant pretzels stuffed with scrambled eggs and giant mugs of delicious coffee (well, my dark roast was delicious ... friend said she found her medium roast bitter) while waiting for opening time for the main objective.

The Knitting Room was wonderful ... small, but crammed with tons o' yarns that ranged wide over both fibre types and price. And cheery staff that left you alone to browse, but kept an ear open to yarn-hunting conversations. My personal missions accomplished ... I was looking for a contrast yarn for my first pair of stranded mittens (already had the black) and none of the solid colours in the right weight were really grabbing me ... this is when the listening staffer came over and directed me to a bin of richly coloured handpaints that were machine-washable! (normally such yarns, aside from those for socks, need handwashing with care to avoid shrinkage/felting, but this was a new line ... so new that I'm the first person on Ravelry to own any).

And they had the new(ish) Zauberball Stärke 6, which I've been seeking for ages and which all the other yarn stores in town keep telling me is on order but never seems to actually come in! So I now have a ball of that too, earmarked for making a second pair of Kalajokis in the correct weight of yarn.

Plus I added an irrestistable skein of multicoloured handpainted sock yarn (from the same company that made my mitten yarn).

Friend's mission accomplished also: two skeins of a very soft washable wool (one green, one grey), which were then handed over to me to turn into fingerless mitts (friend can knit, but only basics, and has desk in VERY cold place ... I offered to make because I've not done mittens before and this will give me one-colour practice with shaping/thumbs before diving into my stranded pair)

My loot (mitten yarn, Zauberball, sock yarn):

Now that I know that the store is so easy to get to (city transit's online "trip planner" has always given me a hodge-podge of multiple bus transfers as my options for getting there, which is why it's taken me so long to get around to making the journey), I'll have to visit more often. Plus it's an excuse to try out the other goodies at the Café.

P.S. Also stopped into the London Drugs across the street on my way home, as they carry several different digital food scales and I wanted to note the brand names so I could check 'em out online. Ended up bringing one home instead, because the two most expensive models were marked drastically down as part of that day's manager's specials. Food is unlikely to ever come near the thing ... a good digital scale is a knitter's best friend when it comes to divvying up a skein into equal portions. Got its baptism almost immediately so that I could start friend's green mitts in the same two-at-a-time manner I use for my socks (which meant one skein of yarn had to become two equally-sized balls of yarn)
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