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Knitting progress

Still can't get the red mercerized cotton to photograph in true colour (the green fabric behind it IS correct, so perhaps the shimmery surface texture is to blame?). The actual shade of darker red can be seen here, in row 4, colour 3995 "Persian".

The blue/purple/orange is currently at a stage where it's impossible to lay it out in any garment-resembling way. However, 'tis a seamless waistcoat ... left front/back at top, right front/back at bottom, front edges at right, back "tails" at left.

The black/white/gray Citron is also chugging along, but I'm currently working on one of the ruffled bands which contains double the stitches of the plain bands ... 540 of 'em crammed onto the needle = next to impossible to flatten enough of it out to photograph. ;p

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