JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Summer love ...

... for my tastebuds, that is. I've never been a habitué of grocery store deli departments, other than occasional meat or cheese purchases ... the salads and other readymades have been something I just walked past. Until this year ... summer craziness at work (that's when the majority of our big time-sensitive projects happen), my desire to spend more of what free time I have on reading, knitting, and other fun interests rather than on dreary domesticity, and the need to still be eating more or less properly got me actually investigating the available options. Quite a few items rejected straight away ... mainly due to obvious and very scary food colouring. But I've happily learned that the instore-made coleslaw is excellent (no creepy green dye, tons of vitamins in cabbage and they're generous with the carrots too) and I've discovered an addictive yummy that is totally new to me: loaded baked potato salad. Dunno how long it's actually been around, but I love it ... diced baked potatoes (with skins), cubes of cheddar, crumbled bacon, and chives in a sour cream dressing. I've tried the "same" salad from another grocery's deli and it was bland, skinless, chiveless, mushy, and sweet (plus used that nasty artificial bacon and processed cheese), so am sticking with the Co-op's instore-made version, with its firm and slightly mealy potatoes, nonsweetened dressing, and real bacon and cheddar.

As I'm typing this, I can see my Irish genes are definitely ruling my tastebuds ... quite frankly I could be very happy on a diet consisting primarily of potatoes, cabbage, milk/cheese, and chicken/pork. And healthy too, since potatoes and whole milk, between them, contain every nutrient the human body needs. All I need is somebody else to watch the pots to ensure nothing burns while I happily read and knit ... ;p

Speaking of which ... picked up the new issue of Vogue Knitting when I was grocery shopping half an hour ago ... gotta go check out what's new!
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