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A question for my far-more-computer-savvy-than-me friends

New computer is running beautifully, all software loaded or downloaded and working, peripherals all tickety-boo, email once again coming and going, remote access to work computer set up and tested, am mastering the mysteries of Windows 7 and where it hides things (FINALLY found the "show desktop" button this afternoon, purely by accident ... why would a useful thing like that be disguised as a border on the end of the taskbar?), am (mostly) finished cussing (once again) the anonymous programming moron who thought that auto-alphabetizing Favourites every time they're copied or moved is a good thing. Trying to get my fingers adjusted to the rearranged keys around the main "enter" key (gotta learn to extend my little finger further if I don't want weird symbols instead of a new line). Enjoying the speed and quiet. Y'know, all the usual new toy business.

But one item mystifies me ... what is the purpose of a very very very long thin cord with a headphone-style jack at one end and a piece of teardrop-shaped clear red plastic (with some visible circuitry inside and a peel'n'press sticky backside) at the other end? Obviously not anything essential as all is functioning just fine without it. It's not shown or mentioned in any of the documentation nor in the parts list on the box. Try not to snicker too obviously at my ignorance when you answer ... bear in mind that JLS only bothers with technology that's actually of practical use to her and, therefore, doesn't stay up-to-date on fads and gimmicks.

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