JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Well, my timing was good ...

Came home tonight to my computer screen informing me that the beast had failed in a restart and was at death's door (WHY it had restarted was unexplained ... I'm guess that some automatic update took advantage of this being the day I leave the computer on hibernation so that security can run the big inspection during the day when I'm not trying to use the computer). Fortunately I'd backed up just about everything essential on my shiny new external drive. Except for one thing that I'm now trying to track down in the recovered files folder after doing a system recovery ... anybody happen to know off the top of their head where Outlook Express hides the address book? (yeah, I know, I know ... have kept meaning to get that copied over to my Fastmail for backup, and some of it IS done ... just not all of it). Location of old emails would be nice too ... wasn't a lot in there, but the messages I still had on file were for reference.

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