JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Collection development

Here's your chance to influence the collection of one of the largest libraries in North America. I'm currently making up a list for the local public library of good titles that are in my bookcases but, sadly, not in theirs (this list will be emailed to one of my inside connections there at his request ... they've money to spend and my opinion/suggestions are appreciated).

So, knowing that my good buddies also have excellent reading/reference taste, if there's any good stuff you know about that often gets missed by libraries, shout it out here. This especially goes for specialty titles relating to hobbies/interests/etc. All I ask is that these be books that are currently in print ... not much point in tormenting them with the unattainable. CD and DVD suggestions are also welcome.

If you want to check whether they already have the item before making a suggestion, here's the link to their online catalogue

My thanks (and that of the library staff and patrons) in advance!
Tags: reading

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