JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A mervelous day out today ...

... starting with breakfast out (eggs benedict and red onion potatoes ... yum!), then we wandered over to Mark's Work Warehouse to pick up a couple of t-shirts before heading towards a nearby pair of fabric stores that are across the street from each other. On the way, dropped into and explored a fantastic antique shop. Oh, for a spare few thou to buy that huge wooden cabinet with fancy carved doors and loads of deep, perfect-for-fabric-stashing shelves inside! But I settled for a far more affordable ($4.00) treasure ... a hardcover copy of Gregory Clark's "Grandma Preferred Steak". Then on to the really dangerous places. First stop was the sewing machine dealership that also stocks fabric in the back behind the machine showroom ... mainly cottons and flannelettes for quilting. They also have a massive and comprensive collection of virtually every gadget and tool known to sewer (unlike the regular fabric stores here, which stick to a fairly conservative range of popular items). Acquired a wooden-handled 9mm buttonhole cutter, two packages of clips for fastening loaded bobbins to their matching spools of thread (something I've been in need of for a long time, as I have a lot of bobbin/spool combos that are similar but not identical colours), and a dozen spare bobbins (love how, instead of pre-packaged quantities, in this place drawers full of loose bobbins live behind the cash register ... you just tell the staff how many you want for your particular model of sewing machine and they scoop & bag 'em for you). Then across the street to the big fabric store, where killing time waiting for somebody else led to me ending up with two strings of beads and four metres of chocolaty-brown silk with streaks of russet, dark dark almost-black brown, and even a hint of teal throughout it ... 50% off for members; had only intended to get three metres, but it turned out to be the end of the bolt and seemed a shame to leave a mere metre behind at that price and it's oh so pretty! ... will photograph tomorrow when the light is better so the colours will show their best (must have been in the mood for this combo ... before I went anywhere near the fabrics I'd already picked up the two strings of variegated stone chip beads which turned out to be a fantastic match to the silk). Much more wandering in and out of various shops after that (with a refueling break that involved key lime cheesecake and very good lemonade), but nothing else tempted me. And eventually, meandered home, where I shall top off the day by unlaxing and continuing to watch my way through The Key to Time (which I just got as a boxed set), with a little knitting to accompany my viewing.

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