JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Ya can't beat a lazy extra-long weekend

Yesterday read Kage Baker's "Not Less Than Gods" (her last novel) ... so SO good and so heartbreaking that we'll never get to read all the other Company stories she knew and hadn't told us yet. :-(

Also got a lot of cleanup work done on my book database ... mainly shuffling subtitles to new locations within the records, doing some other tidying tweaks along the way, adding some missing cover scans and summaries, and updating URLs of University of California Press free ebooks to make sure they still connect (silly people have changed their domain/storage again! ... I discovered that a handful of the redirects to the new location aren't working, so figured it was easy enough to just change 'em all to the new addy while I"m working my way through the database rather than have to wonder what is/isn't functioning)

This morning c-trained up to the northwest quadrant of the city to Edelweiss to acquire fresh chocolate supplies for my work team (chocolate makes cataloguers run more smoothly, especially if cognac truffles are involved) plus restock kale hash and vacuum-packed herbed potatoes for myself. Visited the comics shop on the way back (Fables #13, Jack of Fables #7, and Proof #4), explored the new European market that's just opened across the street from me, dropped into the Filipino bakery for rice cakes, and then, after a quick stop at home to drop off my purchases, over to the shoe warehouse in the strip mall kitty-corner from my place to see if I could find some sandals that I actually like/consider wearable/of decent quality. Success! (to my astonishment) ... 2 pairs of Clarks (1 black, 1 dark brown) that were on sale. Though why this particular style has been designated "Fluff" is a complete mystery ... name like that, one expects a fuzzy slipper bearing a strong resemblance to a well-matured dust bunny, n'est pas?

No idea what I'll get up to tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll be able to find something ... ;-)

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