JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

And talking about a new book reminds me ....

... that last night I got the revamped book title webpage loaded into JLS' Collections. So now it's possible to "search" my personal libary catalogue by author, title, genre, subject heading, or LC call number ... a great improvement, IMO, over the old set-up where one had to scroll through lists. I've still a lot of editing to do in the database to accomodate this (one-by-one I'm dealing with those unnecessary and unsightly ", The"s at the ends of titles, putting subtitles in a separate field so that some huge monster isn't listing on the screen, etc., etc.

Do let me know if you discover something wonky or misspelled or that an ebook link isn't working ... it'll take me a while to work my way through the whole thing, so I might as prioritize what people are actually looking for/at.
Tags: webpages

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