JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Rediscovering other people's discoveries ...

Loving my bog coat as I do, and being so obsessively back into knitting again, the notion has, from time to time, surfaced in my mind that I really should investigate combining the two ... surely it should be possible to engineer the knitting/assembly of the bog coat shape.

It certainly is! I just acquired a copy of Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmermann (aka "God" to most of the knitting world) and caught the word "bog" as I did the initial flip-through one does with a book one knows is full of visual goodies. Flipped back, found the spot, and by 'eck, not only did the almighty Zimmermann figure out a knitted bog jacket, she figured out a seamless knitted bog jacket! (the woman was a mathematical and engineering genius, I tell ya!) And I'm thinking this would be ideal for that enough-for-a-jacket bagful of dark cedar green Silk Mountain I bought a while back ... all I've got to do is find the time ... ;p

P.S. May have to someday splurge on the DVD of the PBS knitting series that this book is companion to ... if only to see the footage of Zimmermann and her daughter demonstrating how two people can work on the same seamless sweater simultaneously ... two balls of yarn and each knitting on opposite sides as the work turns. (the stills in the book look like the pair of 'em are about to collapse into giggles)
Tags: knitting, reading

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