JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Webpage update

After a fair amount o' computer wrasslin' last night (which, happily, eventually turned out to be now-resolved issues at my webhost's end of things and not, as the error messages were implying, my FTP software having a nervous breakdown) there's finally a new link over at JLS' Collections ... books can now be searched by genre (science fiction, fantasy, biography, poetry, etc.). Still have a ton o' cleanup to do in my database ... until recently the book software only allowed one genre per title, then multiple genres became possible a couple of years ago (useful for items like Mike Resnick's John Justin Mallory books which are mystery, fantasy and humorous fiction), and then an even more recent update created one primary and multiple secondary genres (however the genre list is alphabetical and the software update grabbed the first checked genre as primary, which ain't necessarily correct, and so forth and so on ...).

So right now the list is what I consider "primitive" state ... I need to do some tweaks to the format of the hit lists, for some reason short story lists in anthology records are displaying with black text on a burgundy background even though a white background is checked in the html generator settings, and only primary genres are listed at the moment (I think there's a tweak that'll list and search the multiple genres for each title ... gotta play with that setting too). But take a peek if you've a moment.

Seeing as we've traded our snow for continuous rain, at least I'm not missing out on sunny weather by sitting in front of the computer ... ;p
Tags: webpages

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