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A day of accomplishment ...

Not that I'd planned it that way ... I slogged home yesterday at the end of a veeeerrrrryyyyyy long week, intending nothing more than a weekend of R&R, only to find a notice fastened to every apartment door, alerting us that the managers would be touring mortgage folk through on Monday afternoon, including entering apartments (gotta love the management ... they at least always hand the 24-hour notices out on Fridays so that folk have the weekend to tidy). Since there are five buildings involved, containing over 200 units, it's unlikely that they'll be going into each place, but one never knows whether one's number will come up and more than a month of veeeerrrrryyyyyy long weeks means the place has become a bit of a tip in spots. But now the bathroom is gleaming, the kitchen very nearly is (the floor still needs going over), large portions of desk and table are visible, the recycling has been stashed away in the storage room for now (just hope I remember to haul it out again), the laundry is all done (just needs to be put away), the ancient ironing mountain has been decimated, much other labour too boring to mention has been accomplished, and I'm feeling much refreshed by the shower I've been waiting all day for (a form of housework self-blackmail that works on me ... I tell myself no shower until the work is done, as there's no point in getting clean and then grubby). Still need to vacuum, but that can wait until tomorrow ... at least the obstacles are cleared away so that'll be an easy task.

And a happy discovery to share ... I kept myself from wandering away from the ironing board by listening to Douglas Adams read "Last Chance to See", which I have on cassette and the only cassette player is in the boombox in the spare room which is also the only place where it's convenient to set up the ironing board (more self-blackmail, but what the heck ... it works). And found myself wishing there was a CD release, as one of these days the tapes are gonna die or oxidize or something. Just checked online and no luck with that title, but DID discover that BBC is releasing the radio dramatization of Adams' Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency next month and has already released The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (why they were came out in reverse order is just one of the universe's intriguing little mysteries). Harry Enfield is playing Dirk Gently in both ... IMO that's ideal casting. :-)

Hmmm ... these and the "Elvenquest" series I bought (and loved) recently are all from BBC4 ... methinks I need to check their section of the BBC site and see what other treasures are on offer. BBC7 may have to share my online listening time ... ;p
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