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Collections page changes

There's been some modifications going on over at JLS' Collections and they're still in progress. However the major work on the "Listening" section is done ... now, instead of having to page through a list to see what I own, you'll see top and side menus that let you choose what you want to investigate. This format change has also let me add a genre list (and forgive me any errors there ... my personal musical genre classification is very simple and shockingly uncataloguerlike: "stuff I like", "stuff I don't like", and "it's okay, but I wouldn't buy it" ... so having to work with my software's preprogrammed, uneditable genre options quite mystified me at times)

Work has begun on similar changes to the "Reading" and "Viewing" lists, but I've got to alter how some of my data is entered to make 'em work so it'll take a while for those to appear ... however, a trial run of the new-style authors list under "Reading" is loaded and viewable (I'm running a modified version through the html generator right now, so that'll change its appearance slightly in a few hours).

Happy browsing!
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