JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Homework and odds'n'ends

The joys of trying to get things done ... along with three other co-workers, gonna be logged into work by remote this weekend, creating the marc edition of our fall Hotlist book catalogue (this is the version that libraries can load into their online catalogues, showing their patrons which books they've ordered). So I'll be seeing what the company thinks are going to be the must-have books for libraries this fall. Don't get too excited ... the section I'm working on is Second Choice nonfiction ... the b-list as it were. But still, as it's yet another record breaker for the company in number of titles and, along with getting the essential mainstream stuff onboard, the chap who currently puts the list together is a lover of the odd and eclectic, there should be some interesting goodies in there.

But first I need to get out and about for some provisions ... after a couple of sweltering hot summer days, we're back to cooler and cloudy and, hopefully, some much-needed rain, so I think that, along with the essential visits to the butcher and the baker (there's no candlestick maker in that little mall ... major planning oversight there) and the Polish Deli, I need to cross the street to Ten Thousand Villages and replenish my hot chocolate supply. Cataloguing just can't be done properly if one is suffering chocolate deficiency. ;p

Meanwhile, over in the cool stuff department, I've already picked up a couple of votes for my entry in the local yarn shop's knitting contest that went live yesterday. That's taking place over in Ravelry, so, sadly, invisible to non-members (for members, look for the Gina Brown's group). Like the way they organized it though ... instead of the staff doing the judging (and the risk of being biased because they know the entrants, the yarns, the patterns, etc.), they took photos of each project brought into the store and have posted them, unlabeled, with a voting button apiece ... it's the customers/fellow knitters who will decide the winners purely on whether they like the look of the thing. :-)

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