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Goodies!!!!! ....

... from my new issue of Australian Stitches ('tis possible that a couple of these might be repeats, but I figured they'd have new stock by now). Happy drooling to the sewers/crafters out there (and do share these with others who'll be interested):

Living Stitches stocks quirky little tapestry kits. I wish that the site included the finished products shown in the article in front of me ... the designs in the online catalogue converted into fur-trimmed purses and high-heeled mules (I'm not much for mules, but the pair with the little lizard on one shoetop and his tail continuing onto the other is cute!)

Fabulous Fabrics have added gorgeous, new (and scarily expensive) fabric to their online catalogue.

Grasshopper Silks ... guess what THEY specialize in!

Perpetual Patterns is an Australian dealer for Canadian and American small pattern companies. A good one-stop place to view, then use sources closer to home to order.

Sunspun deals in an assortment of specialty items, including the new Opal yarn from Germany that is space-dyed to form a Fair Isle pattern when knitted into socks and Rowan's line of Kaffe Fassett-designed fabrics.

The Brighton Button Shop claims to have over three million different buttons in stock, as well as exotic yarns and millinery/haberdashery supplies.

Inspyrations offers an assortment of fabrics and Madeira threads, as well as advanced sewing machine goodies.

Punch With Judy sells a little bit of everything ... this name tends to crop up a lot in columns on nifty new sewing notions.

Cinderella Fabrics has fabrics and haberdashery supplies.

Knitwit specializes in knit and stretch fabrics.

Gold Coast Sewing Machines/Sew What Sewing Centre's site deals mainly with sewing machines, however there is a "free stuff" link in the lefthand menu that takes you to a page of free patterns/instructions (or links to same). New freebies each month.

Cute'n'crafty, The Knitters Choice, and The Wool Shop all offer a wide variety of yarns, including many Australian specialties.

The Thread Studio has specialty threads and fabric dyes.

KraftKolour looks as if they stock just about every known fabric dye as well as related products (brushes, waxes, etc.). Site is still under construction, but it's possible to use the "catalogue" link at the top of the page to download the product line.

Sad thing is that for every ad with a weblink in the magazine, there's two more without ... Australia, surprisingly, isn't as Internet-oriented as we are ... yet. Also wish that some of the articles were online ... Eddie Frantz's "The 40 Latest Fashion/Fabric Lies Exposed!" is a hoot (all Eddie's articles are hilarious ... he'd fit right into an episode of "Absolutely Fabulous"). Guess I really DO need to get a scanner ...
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