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Nonsock progress

Taking advantage of the sunshine and my now MUCH cleaner windows letting it in to take some update photos. Citron is progressing, though the bigger it gets, the slower it goes (the last ruched section, just below the stitches on the needle, was over 400 stitches per row). And it's gonna get bigger and slower ... while I liked the design and the Zauberball is perfect for it, I never would have made it in its "shawlette" form ... too cutesy and kinda uselessly sized for my tastes. But a fellow online knitter has done and shared the calculations for making this sucker much bigger and that's where I'm going ... something truly shawl-sized that's still fine enough to fit, crumpled, into the hand and can thus be comfortably scrunchily worn as if it is a scarf. Yay, multipurpose! So onward and outward until I've used up two complete balls of Zauberball (what you're currently seeing has consumed about two thirds of ball #1 and is close to completed size for the small "official" version)

And then, something new. Wasn't feeling the love with the second purple sweater attempt ... the yarn is great and the pattern is nice, but they're just not meant for each other. And if it doesn't feel right in the making, it's unlikely to be worn, so why waste the time? So purple yarn all unraveled yet again and repacked in its bag until the right pattern is discovered. And something else that felt right immediately is in the works. This yarn, dug out from the bottom of the stash, has colours so rich that they practically glow, and the moment I saw the pattern last fall, I knew I already had the perfect yarn. Look carefully and you'll see, at one end of the needle, a tiny patch that seems redder than the rest of the work ... that's because this is a new colour being added on to create the diagonal patterning of Nimbus

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