JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Started the day off right ...

... with a cheerful DJ announcing that there was a winter storm watch for all of southern Alberta (cheerful presumably because he was broadcasting from central Alberta). Last night the forecast was only for rain, today it had been switched to definitely rain and lots of it, plus thunderstorms, snowstorms, mayhem and destruction. Y'know, the usual dire disaster is upon us stuff. Rain we had ... only spitting when I went to work and back down to that again on my way home. A few snow flurries in the middle of the day, of the melt-when-it-hits-the-ground variety and light enough to be no threat to visibility. Shall have to wait and see what happens overnight ... it's all down to whether the temps are above, below, or sitting right on the freezing point.

Good thing I did finish another pair of cozy socks last night. :-)

Tags: knitting

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