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MUCH better!

Just back from second visit to optometrist for fine-tuning as last week's new contact lenses were letting me see the Rockies and every window in the distant downtown office buildings, plus anything from the end of my nose up to about ten feet away quite clearly, but everything in between was disconcertingly blurry ... gotta give new multifocal contacts a few days while the brain's vision zone adjusts to the new "settings", but these suckers were past the adjustment limit. Replacements are in and now I can see things at the other end of the living room in detail again! Not to mention reading street signs, if the approaching bus bears the number of the one I need to catch, whether moving vehicles are signalling turns or not, and is that forklift heading my way being run by somebody who's good at maneuvering or do I need to dive for safety down a cross-aisle? Y'know, those little survival cues that contribute towards one's goal of living forever. ;p (there are other, more recreational things I appreciate about vision enhancement of the useful kind, but self-preservation always tops the list)

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