JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Nature's slapstick

Dunno why I'my paying for cable (actually I DO know ... I wanna be able to see Rick Mercer's new series when it starts), when there's comedy right outside my window: three magpies versus one squirrel. The magpies, always my favourite birds, have a cute little game going where they take turns trying to dig up pine cone or other goody that squirrel has just buried in lawn. Indignant squirrel scurries over to chase magpie away, not immediately noticing other two magpies sneaking up behind him to squawk loudly, making poor little rodent nearly jump out of skin. Eventually harassed squirrel tries to escape by climbing tree, pursued by ground hopping magpies. While two wait at foot of tree, third magpie flies up and perches on branch just above squirrel's route, chasing squirrel back down to ground where the whole game starts over again. Magpies are obviously quite aware that squirrel is unable to fly, since entire game is sportingly played on foot except for tree ambush (and if they could scurry up the trunk faster than the squirrel, I'm sure they'd do that rather than fly). Such bright birds. Watch out, folks, it might not be the cockroaches who take over the world! ;-)
Tags: wildlife

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