JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The end of an era

Got one of those new-fangled chip debit cards today. The teller at the bank wanted to frame the old card that I traded in ... it was one of the bank's original "convenience cards", issued as computerized customer/account I.D. before debit cards and ATMs ever existed (those functions were added onto the cards as they came into being) and I've had it for nigh on thirty years (yes, it still worked ... usually far better than the newer ones). Sad to see it go, as I was taking great delight in seeing how long it would live, but my bank is making the chips mandatory this year and I"m kinda attached to being able to get hold of my money.

Decided to do it today as I was early for my optometrist appointment and the bank in the same mall was empty, so killed time efficiently. Good report from optometrist ... eyes still healthy, not going blind in any serious manner (just the bit by bit variety that comes with aging), and new, slightly stronger, sample bifocal contact lenses to try out before they order the prescription.

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