JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

"The goose, the goose, the Canada goose ... don't heap his name with abuse ..."

Yeah, I know, that lyric is only recognized by people who lived in southern Ontario in the late sixties, but I'm one of 'em so I'm quoting it in celebration of the courtyard ecosystem becoming a little more diverse ... today I was challenged by a grazing Canada goose as I took the shortcut across the grass to my building. It hissesd at me and I hissed back while walking on past (if there'd been two, I'd have detoured around 'em ... this is nest-site-finding season and the paired adults are even more territorial than the jackrabbits ... no hesitation in attacking humans and they're big enough to inflict some damage)

P.S. Just ran a search on "The Canada Goose" by The Brothers-in-Law on the offchance that the lyrics were out there somewhere and discovered, much to my astonishment, that iTunes site is offering their songs/albums for download. So if you want to add the flavour of being a Canuck from a certain time and place to your music library, their wickedly funny songs are out there. For those not in the know, The Brothers-in-Law were two police detectives from Windsor, Ontario ("brothers in law"), plus a high school teacher who was the brother-in-law of one of the cops. They recorded several albums of wonderful and catchy songs poking fun at the social and political tempests in teapots of the time ... I know I knew all the words to "The Pill" long before I was old enough to know what one took it for. (I also had their song about Batman and Robin's "relationship" in my repertoire)
Tags: listening, wildlife

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