JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Second night ...

... up at the knitting group in Bridgeland ... got there earlier because this week I wasn't distracted into losing track of time by a new issue of Threads. ;p More and a completely different mix of people this time ... just a couple of familiar faces from last week. But just as much fun. Getting myself away from home distractions for a couple of hours does pay off ... my socks are three centimetres closer to finished, which isn't bad considering that I'm not the world's fastest knitter and I'm knitting two socks at once.

Show-off piece tonight was a beautiful just-completed huge lacy shawl crocheted from the same black/grey/white Zauberball that I'm knitting my Citron from ... amazing how far one little ball of that can go when the garment is mainly holes (I shall probably go through two balls for my own project, as holes are significantly lacking in its construction, plus I plan to make the extended version, which will be much more useful)

And trains virtually empty tonight, plus my timing was right for quick changeover downtown, meaning I still got home at a decent time even after staying much later than I meant to (fun is SO distracting).

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