JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

My goodness!

Have had a vague knitting-related "what if" notion slowly percolating at the back of my brain for a couple of weeks ... and looks like, after some research and scouting and surfing, that I may have come up with something completely new! As in I need to experiment and see if what seems so logical and feasible in my head is actually doable in a practical way (an absolute must in a non-visual thinker ... there are no brain pictures for this whatsoever ... just a concept and a "feeling")

Shall be less vague once I've got some other projects out of the way and can settle down to playing with this (at this stage the techie-speak would be meaningless to a non-knitter without lots of diagrams), but if it works out I may get to ***gasp*** call myself a "designer". Or, at least "innovator of some kind." ;p

We shall see ...

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