JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A productive day ... so far

A lovely day ... in the words of Ronnie Barker playing Dr. Spooner: "The shun is sining and the twirds are bittering." Perfect for a strolling round trip in one shopping bag. Set out with two pairs of shoes needing repair (those Mary Jane types I bought at Mark's Work Warehouse have one flaw ... the metal shanks on the strap buttons slice through the elastic if you do a lot of kneeling/crouching and put pressure on 'em) to the little strip mall at the other end of the block. First stop, of course, and also, physically, first shop in the line, is Acadia Shoe Repair ... guy takes one look and says that, yeah, no problem, they get these all the time and they have much tougher elastic that they use for the fix (and then apologized that he couldn't match the burgundy elastic on suede pair and would have to use black ... as it doesn't show, who cares?). Yay! Nearly $200.00 worth of footwear better than new for fifteen bucks! The only way the bargain could be improved would be if MWW used the tough stuff in the first place. If I buy more of these (which I may if a shiny new colour comes out just 'cause the rest of the shoe is fantastic), I'll drop them off for reinforcing right away instead of waiting 'til they break.

Then off with now-empty bag to butcher shop for potatoes and whatever else takes my fancy while I'm in there ... added three bags of chicken thighs, which they don't often have (mmmm ... dark meat!) and a half-kilo of sliced, traditionally-smoked ham. Across the street to Ten Thousand Villages to replenish the hot chocolate supply with a couple of fresh tins (the days may be lovely, but the early mornings and evenings are still nippy). And then back across the the street to the mall and the Polish Deli to pick up some cheese butters ... little foil wrapped bars of spreadable half butter/half cheese, with various added flavour items. Got two with garlic and two with chives this time ... yummy on crackers. Plus a couple of bars of dark chocolate with what I'm pretty sure from the picture on the wrapper is caramel or possibly toffee ... either way, I'll like it. Shopping in a store where absolutely everything is labeled in a language you don't speak is always a fun adventure! :-)

Speaking of buying chocolate in the Polish Deli ... something I've always meant to ask and keep forgetting. What's with the love of plums in chocolate bars? I'm not wild about plums m'self (though I love prune juice), so realize I've got a tastebud bias going here, but I just can't imagine the combination being all that great. An acquired taste, perhaps?

And now, some lunch and some quality time by the open window, enjoying the spring air and, hopefully, some entertaining critter antics ('tis territory-staking/mating season for the jackrabbits, plus the newly greening grass has 'em out gorging in the middle of the day)

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