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Something a little different ...

... that I cast on after finishing the Kalajoki socks. Nope, not a sock. Not a hat, despite the shape it appears to be ... shapes on needles can be very deceiving. It's something I've never made before and, while it's growing fast right now, the larger it gets, the slower it'll grow. ;-) Yarn is regular Zauberball ... while the Crazy version is good for socks, this is thinner and softer, so I decided it wouldn't wear well underfoot and hunted down a more appropriate use for it.

Progress has been made on purple cabled sweater, which is at a stage where it's impossible to get a worthwhile photo ... growth of the circular yoke means the number of stitches currently crammed on the needle are too many to spread out to see the patterning. Once I get to the phase where the sleeves are divided off onto holders a new portrait should be possible ...

Pine Tree socks neglected this week with the push to finish the Kalajokis, but I'll make that up to them this weekend. Will also be cast a new pair of socks onto my newly-emptied 2mm needles today ... getting 2-at-a-time socks started takes full alertness as getting the stitches divvied onto the needles goes against the "grain" of casting on and I just wasn't up to it the last couple of evenings (no point in having to redo it six times and getting pissed off vibes associated with the yarn ***GRIN***). But first I have to decide which yarn/colour I want to use next ...
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