JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A good week ...

Tonight I survived a mighty trek up to the Fedex depot (which is now way WAY up at the other end of the city, somewhere in the vicinity of the backside of the airport) to pick up a package from Northern Reflections and learned new bus routes and neighbourhoods along the way. The expedition required the use of eight different vehicles ... 2 trains and 2 buses each way. The transfer gods were smiling and I didn't have any long waits anywhere, although I have placed a mild curse on Transit's online "Trip Planner" as it really needs to have the difference between "as the crow flies" and "pedestrian accessible" explained to it ... the recommended closest bus stop required cutting across industrial parking lots and scrambling up a tall and steep embankment to get to my destination. Found a much friendlier (and paved) foot route to a slightly more distant bus stop for the return journey (and had an entertaining chat about the horrors of the impending daylight savings change with a UPS driver who was also waiting there).

Came home to another package containing a bunch of bargain CDs which replace ancient cassettes and LPs in my music collection ... and mean I'm currently listening to an entire Beatles album (newly remastered edition) for the first time since my last turntable died. :-)

And an email notice that a third package is on its way. This one is the result of mucho Googling finally turning up a Canadian online source for the Galaxy yarn I was coveting earlier this week. No Saturn in stock, but two different colourways of the Jupiter are headed my way from Québec (Anthrazit and Terra ... wanted the red too, but there was only one skein left and two are needed for a pair of socks). Noticed while putting together my order that they had Jitterbug on sale, so I've a couple of skeins of that coming as well (a colourway called Florentina that the local stores don't carry)

Speaking of Jitterbug, wore the new socks the day after completion and ... well ... WOW! The label may say "100% merino wool", but the feel is 100% satin. Knitted up, this is seriously decadant yarn. Absolutely sinfully good to wear. The kind of yarn that should have a congregation of fetishists worshipping it. So of course I want the materials to make as many more pairs of socks as possible from it. ;p

And now: collapse, munch something, read a bit, and mebbe do a few rows on the newest knitting project ... While enjoying listening to music I haven't heard for ages. :-)

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