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Sock progress report

In the home stretch on both pairs now ... all heels turned and toewards ho! Top of tree #3 (out of four) now visible on the topside of the Pine Tree Socks, and am about 1/3 of the way through the 4th repetition of the meandering river pattern on the Kalajoki Socks.

And there are open stitch dictionaries lying all about my living space as I've begun the hunt for a clock for my next pair of socks (no, not the kind that ticks ... a clock is a decorative design on the side of a sock or stocking ... either a single medallion-like motif over the ankle or running the full length in a column). Right now it's down to either a single column of Rib and Braid Pattern or a column of Willow Buds (crappy example of the stich pattern, but the only one I could find online ... the photo in my Walker Treasury is densely knit and far more 3D).
Tags: knitting

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