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A lovely evening ...

Dashed off downtown after work today to meet up with my pilot brother-in-law, who, after many years of never flying anywhere near this city, has had two layovers here in one month (today was get-together #2). Connected downtown and made our way up to Kensington, where we windowshopped, spent a fair amount of time in Hot Wax (where he drooled over their tons of excellent-condition vinyl that simply would never fit into his crew luggage, while I scored a couple of obscure CD treasures**), then had an excellent dinner in the Kensington Pub (a cozy, multi-story labyrinth of booths, fireplace nooks, and dining rooms with their own bars) ... extraordinary fish 'n' chips + coleslaw on my plate (the kind of chips that good potatoes hope they'll become when they die) and I'm informed the bratwurst and perogies special was also excellent. All this and the fun of chattily comparing notes on and recommending books and music and DVDs (we've always had similarly quirky tastes). :-)

**New music: "Serious Tam" by Telek (which I'm listening to as I type ... love it!), and Sulawesi: festivals, funerals, and work, the eighteenth volume of Indonesian music in the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings series (which I'm sure will be excellent as well).
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