JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Fell from grace again yesterday ... ;p

What can I say ... had to go to the bank and the yarn store is just too darned dangerously close by. The haul: more sock yarn and some SAD-fightin' afghan yarn.

In my defense ... good progress being made on the current project front, with both pairs of socks now started on their heels. Realized I've never let you know the source of the little ripples on the orangish pair ... I'm using a Finnish pattern called Kalajoki (the yarn colourway is "Sahara", and I just couldn't resist the notion of knitting a river in the desert ***GRIN***). Pine Tree socks are into the second tree now, front and back (there'll be six in total ... two each on the front and back of the leg and two on the top of the foot). At this rate, should be trying to decide what to cast on next in early March. :-)

Tags: knitting

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