JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

That came fast!

Used to be that books ordered from tiny indie or self-publishers always took the very longest time to arrive ... nowadays (presumably thanks to growing experience with working with Internet and Paypal), their turnaround is generally far better than that of the big publishers.

Very noticeable because my copy of the latest Evil Inc. Annual Report arrived at work today, and I only placed my order on Jan. 31, 2010. Each of the first three volumes took a couple of months at least ...

Guess I'll be neglecting my knitting needles for a chunk o' the evening. ;p

P.S. For those poor souls who've not experienced Evil Inc., you can risk addiction here (hey, how can anybody resist a comic strip with the tag line "Because you can get away with more evil if you do it legally"?)
Tags: reading

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